If you would like to submit a local to Denver visual arts related event or gallery exhibition, please send the below requested information at least 2 weeks prior to the event/exhibit date to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sample Email Subject Lines:

  • "Joe Artist Exhibit at Gallery 123: Opening Friday January 1st"
  • "Artist Lecture at Gallery 456: Monday June 1st at 6:00pm"
  • (note, the subject line "press release" or "please post" with nothing else is NOT very helpful)

Information to include for Gallery Exhibits:

  • Artist Name/s
  • Exhibit Title (if applicable)
  • Gallery Name and Address
  • Opening and Closing Dates
  • Opening Reception Date and Time

Information to include for Events:

  • Event Title
  • Event Date/Time
  • Description
  • Event Location and Address

Important Information about submitting an event:

  • The most important thing that helps properly coordinate the posting of events is having the date of the event (or the exhibit opening date) in the email subject line (see example above)
  • Plain text is always best
  • Please do not send event announcements that do not include plain text that can be copied/pasted (for example, an image of an exhibit postcard is not acceptable unless accompanied by editable text with the relevant stats)
  • Please include some type of image with your submission, if available (at least 600px wide preferred)
  • Images should NOT be embedded within a PDF or MS Word document, rather all images should be included as separate attachments
  • All images should include an attribution in plain text (artist name, title, media, etc)